Rosarito Inn Condominiums

Posted in Reviews by - Sept 02, 2011
Rosarito Inn

Rosarito Inn Condominiums tops our list of the best hotel in Rosarito Beach. You get all the convenience of a hotel in Rosarito, while enjoying the comfort and surroundings of a fully furnished 1-4 bedroom condominium overlooking the ocean. Friends and family get to stay together and share this experience, and save a bundle on the cost of individual rooms.

The Rosarito Inn Hotel is located on the beach, next to Papas & Beer and convenient shopping and dining experiences. Rosarito Inn Hotel has their own restaurant, Oceana Grill and Cafe, with delicious Mexican and American specialties for breakfast & lunch.

This Rosarito hotel has such amenities as high speed internet, beach front condos, all kitchen appliances, washer/dryer...

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Posada Don Luis Hotel

Posted in Reviews by - July 09, 2011

Posada Don Luis is further down the main street from tourist attractions. Rooms are pretty good size, though the front rooms are noisy, with a bar next door. Still, it is a cozy place and if you stay in one of the back rooms, you can avoid the noise and have a romantic getaway pretty much to yourself.

To get to the beach from Posada Don Luis, you have to go across the street, but still close enough. The price is good and the location is convenient. The pool is clean. Overall,our experience was ok but we went during a time when there were not many people there, and it wasn't as "happening" as we had hoped. Only five minutes from nightclubs by taxi, so it really depends on what you are looking for.

For a good hotel at a good price, away from the downtown area, it was a pleasant experience.

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La Fonda Hotel & Restaurant

Posted in Reviews by - Aug 12, 2011

La Fonda is most popular due to the incredible Sunday Brunch. This hotel is listed as in Rosarito, but it is a good 40 minutes or so to get down south to La Fonda. Since we had eaten here many times, we wanted to check out the rooms and stay the weekend. Unfortunately, we were disappointed. There are some nice views, but the rooms need some serious upgrading.

We liked the atmosphere and the rooms were clean and somewhat comfortable, but for the price they charge here, we feel that we could get a much better room in a hotel closer in to Rosarito Beach.The main thing they have going for them is the great buffet setup, but even this time,the buffet menu was a little bland. Words like rustic come to mind with this Rosarito hotel, but would highly recommend something in town.

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Brisas del Mar Hotel

Posted in Reviews by - May 31, 2011
Brisas del Mar Hotel

Hotel Brisas del Mar is located on the east side of Blvd Benito Juarez, about three blocks to the beach. This Rosarito hotel is a popular spot for those seeking to stay away from the beach goers and those that desire more modest accommodations. To us, it takes away from the whole experience of coming to a beach front community, by staying in a hotel that is off the beach, but to each his own.

Hotel Brisas del Mar is a two story hotel with very well maintained parking and pool area. The hotel is on the main street, so there is plenty of shopping and dining pleasures all near by. This hotel is about 5 blocks from the main tourist area of town, but certainly within walking distance. We had a nice stay here, as it wasn't too busy then. We just felt a little disconnected by having to coordinate our beach attire with the walk down to the beach, but we managed.

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