La Fonda Hotel and Restaurant

Posted in Reviews by - August 12, 2011
La Fonda Hotel and Restaurant

La Fonda is most popular due to the incredible Sunday Brunch. This hotel is listed as in Rosarito, but it is a good 20 minutes or so to get down south to La Fonda. Since we had eaten here many times, we wanted to check out the rooms and stay the weekend. Unfortunately, we were disappointed. There are some nice views, but the rooms need some serious upgrading.

We liked the atmosphere and the rooms were clean and somewhat comfortable, but for the price they charge here, we feel that we could get a much better room in a hotel closer in to Rosarito Beach.The main thing they have going for them is the great buffet setup, but even this time,the buffet menu was a little bland. Words like rustic come to mind with this Rosarito beach hotel. La Fonda is this way on purpose. If you are looking for the fancy room, the high speed internet, flat screen televisions, crowded beaches, and loud night clubs, then you would be better off chosing a place in town. La Fonda is all about simple comforts.

Be sure to stay over on a Saturday night. You don't want to miss the Sunday Brunch. They have all your favorites from Mexico and serve them up very nicely with authentic settings. Home made tortillas, freshly mad empanadas, roasted pig, paella, eggs, sausage, bacon, desserts, all served with friendly Mexican hospitality. Brunch just doesn't get much better than this. The brunch gets five stars from us. In addition, they have Monday Night Football parties, Taco Tuesdays and special events.

  • Website:
  • Family Friendly: Quiet and Secluded
  • Room Types: Ocean View & Bungalows
  • Spa: Relax, Enjoy Live, Be Well...
  • Restaurant: Best Sunday Brunch in Baja
  • Location: Km 59.5 on free road
  • Telephone: 011-52 (646) 155-0308
  • Exit Toll Road: La Mision / La Fonda
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